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was founded in February of 2012 after years of entrepreneurial projects and helping companies develop business opportunities. our main focus is to improve the user experience; to make it easy to change the way they do business and to help customers solve problems.

we will lead our clients starting with their ideas and direction through a collaborative development process that will result in amazing projects and companies.

the team

"opportunities are like waves; they always come. you must choose wisely and have fun surfing"

Mauricio Medina Cruz

co - founder

"opportunities are like waves; they always come. you must choose wisely and have fun surfing"

mauricio studied computer science and has a master's degree in business administration.
he has dedicated more than 15 years to develop, build and sell IT companies. as an entrepreneur he created innovative and successful user experiences (interfaces) that lead to sustainable projects.

interests: golfing, surfing

"powerfull minds, lead to create amazing journeys"

David Seija Duque

senior developer
project lead

"powerfull minds, lead to create amazing journeys"

david is a software engineer with specialized skills for crafting IT advanced solutions.
he has led multiple startup ideas and achieved usefull tech experiences, with impresive manage of resourses. is responsible for planning and understanding the clients ideas with web based tools and sofware architecture.

"empty canvas inspire master pieces, peaceful souls brought magic and imagination"

Andrés De Moya

ui / ux designer
design lead

"empty canvas inspire master pieces, peaceful souls brought magic and imagination"

andres is a graphic designer who combines his knowledge in animation, website design and ui/ux development principles with product creation.
through learning from the different projects and companies that co-worked with us, he has developed an innovative method for enhancing interfase and user experience.


we have had the privilege to co-create successful businesses while adding social value around the world with our entrepreneur partners as the driving force. as our team welcomes new ventures and ideas, a process of preparing the optimal environment and conditions to succeed starts to take place.

make it simple.

more info.

having an excellent idea or leading a new business is a very important part of a project venture. our team dedicates special efforts to analyze the possibilities that iT can create, coaching and identifying all the needs and elements require for success.

the expertise of our software development area and our design crew, enforces the process of creating adequate solutions and offers a perfect partnership that guides business to competitiveness.

as a prime kickstarter of the project venture, leads our process of looking for board candidates to incubator portfolio companies and presenting opportunities to suitable investors.

as we helped dozen of business to launch successful experiences, our experts developed several strategies that lead and conquer all the goals planned.


want to realize your idea?

we are the perfect solution for small & medium business to conquer new markets. our experience and creativity will help select the best-suited technologies and approaches to achieve the desired goals.
there are plenty of options to fit your needs, including:

dsignApps ventures apps 4 lease
exclusive service

perfect solution for small and medium business.

your project or business is ready for having an app. with this exclusive alternative, you will get the power of technology working for your sales and customer loyalty.

you get:marketing analysis.user experience design modeling and road map.complete app for ios an android.

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mobile apps 4 ios & android

transform your idea into an empowered app.

if you already thought in a brilliant idea and amazing opportunity, is time for developing an app.

you get:customized ios app available in AppStore.customized android app available in google play.easy to upgrade and manage.

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web responsive apps & business sites

the main reason to have a website is how people find u.

let the world know that you exist and motivate the close comunication with customers, so that your business multiplies it's possibilities.

you get:web & mobile responsive design.Social media integration and daily activities automatized.

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social media & mobile marketing

want some experts taking care of your online marketing?

creating a succesful online business includes marketing through all social channels. we go deep into building a solid brand with quality leads and tools.

you get:amazing social media content.strategic work plans with clear goals and management.

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let's start

let us be part of your team.


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our projects


the easiest way to have incredible food without cooking or leaving home.


the perfect excuse for being healthy.


last year's facts...

the incubator project:

what started as a solution for improving the way people use to select and enjoy deliveries of food and liquor, took us to create an impressive app with several business opportunities for the city of Barranquilla, Colombia.

the experience:

a team full of passion and intelligent ideas, found the way to build a company gathering right investment, outstanding product development and incredible sales. after a year of hard work a huge company located in germany showed its interest in aquisition.


Cuarto D' LibraCuarto D' Libra
Licores MedellinLicores Medellin
Benito JuarezBenito Juarez
JK LicoresJK Licores
Wild 4 WingsWild 4 Wings
WannaGo VacationsWannaGo Vacations
Viva VacationsViva Vacations


if you are an investor interested in financing early development projects, we offer the ability to discover high potential, innovative projects and companies in different areas of technology.

industry data forecast that mobile apps will exceed 200 billion downloads per year and revenues will reach $63.5 billion USD by the end of 2017.

Get to know all of the ventures or let us be part of interesting projects.


our search for talent never ends! if you are interested in joining our team, please email us at with your qualifications and interests.


ui/ux senior designer (col)




sales & marketing